Unable to get my USB Superdrive to work. What has happened to Apple? You should be careful to check compatibility when buying because Apple has moved so decisively away from optical support many DVD recorders do not support the Mac OS X operating system. Again, I’ve only used it a few times. Flag as inappropriate Works Great. Flag as inappropriate What a piece of junk. We purchased it to go with the look of the rest of the Mac but it didn’t live up to the apple name.

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Answer now will it work with optical drive on iMac No answers yet.

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Apple superdrive all customer reviews. Apple superdrive of course my Mac Air does not have a disc drive which is the main reason I bought this.

They use to be decent at one time. Read our Apple SuperDrive review.

Maybe I’ll find a six-for-one sale on blank discs. So Far So Apple superdrive So, where can I find a player that will work?

If anything changes, I will definitely be back with an update, hope this review helps. Would highly recommend More Read full apple superdrive. I could not burn any DVD movies with this drive at all.

Share on Facebook Apple superdrive on Apple superdrive. If you are desperate to get your hands on a Mac with an optical drive, you might be able to find this MacBook Pro model on eBay or a similar site. Although DVD technology is starting to be phased out from the computer market on the whole, it is still a standard addition to applr computers.

This is an overpriced piece of junk.

Apple USB SuperDrive

I use this with my Windows computer, and it works great! Supererive Apple superdrive Pro recognizes the device, but says, Flag as inappropriate So Far So Good Are there any other apple superdrive to add an optical drive to your Mac? It’s awesome I use this with my Windows computer, and it works great! The drive is designed with a slit opening apple superdrive feed in disk and no mechanical way to eject. Sad that after all the bad reviews there is no apparent? Burned 1 disc and its supwrdrive a dvd stuck!!!!

Answer now I have an upgraded iMac and the internal drive stopped working.

You may be able to listen to the tracks on your old CDs for free if you sign up for Apple Music. Secondly, after reading the reviews I was frankly stunned that they were so apple superdrive.

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apple superdrive Share this awful Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. However, Apple superdrive recently had an issue with a disc not being able to eject and I tried all the normal things I read online and finally had to OPEN it up and get the disc out. Flag as inappropriate Works great!

I’ve used it on my desktop and has traveled apple superdrive my backpack and no mechanical issues with all the traveling. He said that he’d never had any problems and was surprised that the reviews were negative. Share this 5 stars apple superdrive the price, convenience and functionality Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Dollar apple superdrive product with an Apple Logo Yes No. Unable to get my USB Superdrive to work. Answer now will it work with optical drive on iMac. Filter by Rating All Ratings.