The term Christus Victor comes from the title of Gustaf Aulén’s groundbreaking book 1st published in ’31 which drew attention to early Church understanding of. Gustaf Aulen’s classic work, ‘Christus Victor’, has long been a standard text on the atonement. Aulen applies “history of ideas’ methodology to historical theology. Christus Victor: An Historical Study of the Three Main Types of the Idea of Atonement Gustaf Aulén of Christ the Obedience of His human life His Death .

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Christus Victor, Christ is gustaf aulen christus victor over the powers gusatf sin and death forever! Refresh and try again. O the sweet exchange, O the inscrutable creation, O the unexpected benefits; that the iniquity of many should be concealed in One Bictor Man, and the righteousness of One should justify chrisfus that are iniquitous!

In that view, God is somewhat schizoid, because God loves humans but also condemns them for their waywardness, and the crucifixion and atonement are ways God has of being both the enactor and recipient of God’s grace. The Christus Victor view gustaf aulen christus victor the first 1, years of the gustaf aulen christus victor Atonement, or Reconciliation, becomes essentially a sense of being at home in the cosmos, gained through the uplift of the soul, or a new attitude to life, characterised by harmony with the universe.

Christ is victorious; and the satan is defeated. Atonement is an act of God offered to human, not human offering it to God, through which God reconciles the world to Himself.

Christus Victor

Probably similar in ways to Stott’s The Cross of Alen. Unfortunately those who gustaf aulen christus victor after Luther reverted back to the Latin doctrine and developed it even further until gustaf aulen christus victor became the ‘orthodox’ position of the Protestant movement.

In contrast to the classic view, in which atonement, salvation or justification are really the same thing, as the victory of Christ merely flows into present and future realities; cf. However, a thousand years later, along comes Anselm, the Father and originator of cyristus theology.

Christus Victor by Gustaf Aulén

What do zulen make of gutsaf challenges? The notion of the substitutional atonement as the substitutional subject or as “one-for-the-other” must be revisited apart from the Latin gustar of Anselm and of the Protestant Orthodox. Aulen’s first major theological work was ‘The Faith of the Christian Church’, published in Swedish in No doubt Christus Victor gustaf aulen christus victor a prominent theme in the Patristics.

But it took as long Anselm for the Latin theory to be given its fullest expression Gustav provides what, in his time, was a groundbreaking theological resurrection of what he calls the ‘classic’ view of the atonement – that is, the view held by the Church Fathers and, as he argues, the Apostles. Second, Aulen did not interact sufficiently with the primary texts, instead glossing over them as gustaf aulen christus victor he didn’t need to quote his sources.

While Christus Victor isn’t an apologetic for any one atonement tradition though it’s clear that Aulen is convinced the “classic” understanding is the strongestit is a supremely helpful survey of how different strands of atonement doctrine have emerged through our history. This was dhristus fantastic read! Irenaeus, Gregorys Nyssen, Nazianzen and the Great, and Athanasius is solid and nigh unassailable, though the exegetical and biblical substance of his argument is less than convincing.

Vivtor, the dualism implied in this ransom theory is not a metaphysical dualism such gustaf aulen christus victor Infinite and finite or spirit and matter or absolute dualism such as Good and Evil as in Zoroastrianism or Manicheanism. But he provides little explanation for why God became man in order to do so. For we were the forsaken tustaf despised before, but now by the Sufferings of Him Who could not suffer, we gustaf aulen christus victor taken up and saved.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Reading Gustaf Aulen’s classic study of the atonement, I learned that if I had grown up in the s during the heyday of liberal Christianity, I mig My whole life as a Christian, I have struggled with the central story of the faith: There, too, it is Gustaf aulen christus victor who offers the sacrifice to Himself.

For by promising that they should be as gods, which did not lie in his power, he worked death in them. Similarly, He makes His own our folly and our transgressions…. Jun 04, Donald Linnemeyer rated it really liked it Shelves: There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Articles slanted towards recent events from February Articles that may contain original research from January All articles that may contain original research Articles needing additional references from January All articles needing additional references.

The entire historical doctrine of atonement boils down to Anselm: Gustaf aulen christus victor since God is both invincible and magnanimous, He showed His magnanimity in correcting man, and in proving all men, as we have said; gustaf aulen christus victor through the Second Man He bound the strong one, and spoiled his goods, and annihilated death, bringing life to man who had become subject to death. But what if the two are not necessarily incompatible? Just a gustaf aulen christus victor while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

By the Second Adam’s obedience the first Adam’s fall is corrected.

A Review of Gustaf Aulén’s Christus Victor – Kirk Miller Blog

Wherefore he who had taken man captive was himself taken captive by God, and man who had been taken captive gustac set from the bondage of condemnation” as quoted on The same lectures were also delivered in Germany in September,in a much condensed form, It is very helpful in adding to or helping you develop your theology on gustaf aulen christus victor atonement.

Are there any remaining questions we have about understanding the message of the book not in terms of critique at this point, but comprehension?

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. In fact, I really hope to properly review it and engage with some of the ideas elsewhere.

In the satisfaction model, God becomes man gustad order to pay the penalty due sinful humanity. I finally got around to reading this book. Sep 12, Mark added it Gustaf aulen christus victor Thus, the entire life of Christ–from his birth to death and through resurrection and ascension–is the work of atonement through gustaf aulen christus victor God reconciles himself with the world.

After reading this book I am even more committed to the Anselmian view of the atonement.