16 Mar Cover title. LC copy has photocopy of “Amendements à la Constitution” (p. ) inserted, supplied through Hispanic Acquisitions Project. Les modifications apportées à la Constitution sont les suivantes: Le préambule de la Constitution se lit désormais comme suit: Le Peuple Haïtien proclame la. Constitution amendée · Titre 1: de la République d’Haiti son emblème – ses symboles L’emblème de la Nation Haïtienne est le Drapeau qui répond à la.

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To propose to the Executive the list of Supreme Court Cour de Cassation justices according to the provisions of the Constitution; 2.

Constitution amendée

Have resided at least three 3 years in the Commune and undertake to reside there for the duration of their term. The State guarantees that the handicapped and the gifted shall have the means to ensure their autonomy, education and independence. Enjoy civil and political rights; d.

la constitution haitienne de 1987

In the case of a petty violation, the accursed shall be referred to a justice of the peace, who shall then hand down a final decision. Its jurisdiction extends throughout the territory of the Republic. Il regroupe les la constitution haitienne de Examination and payment of the General Administration Accounts and all accounts of public funds are effected according to the method established by law. To be elected to the Senate, a person must: Deputies and La constitution haitienne de 1987 of the Department; b.

To receive the constitutional oath of the President of the Republic; 2. If the bill thus amended is voted on by the second House, it will be sent back to the President of the Republic for promulgation. A session of the Legislature dates from the opening of the two 2 Houses meeting as the National Assembly.

Courts and other Government agencies charged with the protection of these rights must be accessible free of charge at the level of the smallest territorial division. The La constitution haitienne de is assisted by an Interdepartmental Council, the members of which are designated by the Departmental Assemblies on the basis of one 1 per Department. Holders of public office or positions, particularly Ministers and Secretaries of State, officers of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Delegates and Vice Delegates, ambassadors, private secretaries of the President of the Republic, members of the Cabinet of Ministers, the La constitution haitienne de 1987 Generals of the Ministerial Department of autonomous agencies, and members of the Administrative Council are not eligible for the Government career service.

No monopoly may be established to benefit the State and the territorial divisions except in the exclusive interest of society as a whole. It sees la constitution haitienne de 1987 the physical, intellectual, moral, professional, social and civic training of the la constitution haitienne de 1987.

The President of the House of Deputies – Member; d. The Administrative Disputes Section. No alien may be the owner of a building bounded by the Haitian land order.

Civic duties are the citizen’s moral, political, social and economic obligations as a hole to the State and the country. The law sets up to three 3 the number of Deputies at the level of large built-up areas. The President of the Republic shall choose a Prime Minister from among the members of the majority party of the Parliament. The national colors shall be blue and red. The other powers of the House of Deputies are assigned by the Constitution and by law.

The crime of high treason consists in bearing arms in a la constitution haitienne de 1987 army against the Republic, serving a foreign nation in a conflict with the Republic, in any official’s stealing state property, intrusted to his management, or any violation of the Constitution by those responsible for enforcing it.

However, aliens residing in Haiti may not own more than la constitution haitienne de 1987 dwelling in the name Arrondissement. Any accountant of public funds during the years of the dictatorship concerning whom there is presumptive evidence of unjustified again; c. Before the expiration of that deadline, he may avail himself of his right of objection.

The number of Ministers may be no fewer than ten The Municipal Council has priority in management of the State’s real property in the private domain located within the limits of its Commune. The State has the obligation to establish the structures necessary to ensure maximum productivity of the land and domestic marketing of foodstuffs. However, they may be held in closed session at the request of five la constitution haitienne de 1987 members, and the resumption of public sessions shall then be decided by an absolute majority.

Pending application of the above subparagraphs, the number of Deputies may not be fewer than seventy Journalists may not be compelled to reveal their sources.

The State and its territorial divisions have the duty to make all necessary provisions to intensify the literacy campaign for the masses. Be Haitians and at least twenty-five 25 years of age; b.

Le journaliste exerce librement sa profession dans le cadre de la loi. The Superior Court of Auditors and Administrative Disputes is an independent and autonomous financial and administrative court. The Arrondissement is an administrative division that may comprise several Communes.

Haitians by naturalization shall be allowed to exercise the right to vote but they must wait five 5 years after the date of their naturalization to be eligible to conetitution public posts other than those reserved by the Constitution and by law for native-born Haitians. It is their duty to abide faithfully by the norms and ethics determined by law for civil conetitution. The law establishes the la constitution haitienne de 1987 of the various Government structures and stipulates the conditions for their operation.

Text ARTICLE 289 – 1987 Constitution of Haiti

Each Commune of the Republic is administered by la constitution haitienne de 1987 Council, known as the Municipal Council, of three 3 members elected by universal suffrage. In the exercise of their duties, members of the “Public Forces” are subject to civil and penal liability in the manner and under the conditions stipulated by the Constitution and by law.

The number of Ministers is set by law. To respect and protect the environment; i. This message may not be debated. To defend the country in the event of war; g.