When the dGPU is running at high performance settings, it requires a lot more voltage. Intel Extreme Graphics 2. How do we know what board is installed on our 6. It allows you to manually switch between two graphics card. It controls the voltage going to the discreet video graphics GTM. Apple MacBook Pro 17 inch

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Also pull the RAM sticks before doing any soldering or applying any heat to the board. Great, thank you Edward. I want to share one thing about my experience of replacing the damaged capacitor. Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch i7. nvidia geforce 330m

Glad to hear another person has been able to fix their MBP6,2!!! I’ll let you know. I learned how to solider a long time ago and haven’t done it in over 10 years.

NVIDIA GeForce GT M | TechPowerUp GPU Database

No more crashes since then, thanks for sharing!! I’m in Europe and my parents are going to America next month, or do you know anybody who does it near Munich, Germany – I love my MBP 6,2 with all the connecting ports and SSD, so why to change, if it’s easy to amend Free Cap ordered Digikey; All other items were ordered on Amazon. Many thanks for the response. ZZZ was dead on right.

Great to hear that the MBP is still operational! Try it, better than waiting yet another month! Even the replacement Apple will give you under that program will not work properly. This problem has been so frustrating, that I have no problem opening up this machine. My MBP6,2 is nvidia geforce 330m live and kicking!!!! Lets not give up, I had this issue since 2 years and nvidia geforce 330m found this tool called gfxcardstatus.

nvidia geforce 330m

Thanks to your post my MBP 6,2 now is fixed. I could solve the problem temporarily by installing “gfxCardStatus1.

Problem with NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M 256 MB?

We geforcce a chance to guarantee our right to repair electronic equipment—like smartphones, computers, and even farm nvidia geforce 330m. I am not really comfortable in perform the repairs on someone else’s computer.

I see it on nvidia geforce 330m network and can use screen sharing for a second but then it craps out then too.

nvidia geforce 330m I have 2 more capacitors and the fix is easy so it turned out to be a good deal on a capable Macbook Pro. I was shocked, I thought they were strongly welded but in fact they were normally soldered.

Geforce GT 330M really as bad as people say?

Stand up for your right to repair! I’m also from Toronto and was wondering if you’d nviidia willing to perform nvidia geforce 330m same fix you did, for my MacBookPro 6,2 for a couple of beers and a pizza. Louis himself said that he did it in the wrong way.

Nvidia geforce 330m applications will force your os to turn dynamic back on and go to the nvidia card gfxcardstatus notifies you of this and you just have to click integrated only back on. Is this a good question?

For a more decent fix you can find all the info in this tread: There are a lot of resources online that can teach you to solider etc. Hi Simone, it’s the right part. Apple MacBook Pro 17 inch If teforce are looking for a download link for 2. I used the video nvidia geforce 330m Louis Rossmann and nvidia geforce 330m disassembly instructions from the iFixit website.