If you have Server Administrator installed, that will be the better diagnostic tool. Sign up with Email. I have a 6 year old poweredge that still has a good battery, how odd. Glad to be of assistance. I agree that their raid controller lineup is somewhat confusing, although as you said, Array Manager unifies management somewhat although adaptec and ami controllers still have somewhat different featuresets. Thankyou for your reply. If this happens, you should be able to do a Global Rescan from within the software to clear that status.

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So my question is this: By clicking you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The physical view shows the physical connections between the perc 3 di devices.

The first time it appeared was during the day while the machine was in normal operation.

Previous 1 2 Next. Since that du, we have installed OMSA all of its components except for RAC services on the s that do not have RAC cards in them of course on perc 3 di of our servers and have just perc 3 di that a drive has failed in the RAID 5 container on one of our ‘s.

Today’s Posts Member List Calendar. I would assume it’s there in perc 3 di event that there’s a power loss, so you don’t lose dii data is in the RAID controller? Privacy Policy Support Terms of Use.

Array Manager displays storage configuration in both a physical and a logical view. Please run your controller’s management software.

About a week after this I had looked at array manager and it showed that the raid was degraded on container 1. How come you can’t download software anymore? If it is pulled without perc 3 di the drive, you can corrupt the array.

How to Change Disk in Dell PowerEdge 2650 PERC 3/Di RAID 5

We will never share this with anyone. Enter Used for key names, screen elements, and for options you are told to select. Jack in the Box. Perc 3 di another of my little Dell complaints.


So, can we do that “trick” I suggested whereby we utilise the Ctrl-A BIOS method of replacing the degraded disk and once the drive commences commences rebuilding, reboot back perc 3 di the OS?

In short – applications don’t notice the issue. However, he stuck around perc 3 di enough to notice that during the reboot that there was a message about rebuilding. Edmonton, AB, Canada Registered: I would just buy a new one.

A tech will talk you through the exact steps needed to do the recondition. The message appeared 3 times over about 3 or 4 weeks. I have a 6 year old poweredge that still has a good battery, how odd.

PERC 3/Di and Rebuilding Degraded Disks – Dell Community

Sign up with Google. Perc 3 di try to schedule reconditioning the battery before the message comes up. Pedc are Adaptecs controllers that we have. What’s the function of the battery? Get a new disk, pull the old one out, put the new one in. Thu Apr 10, 1: Sep 1, Posts: