Send a private message to lordsmurf. I got “burned” by this issue, and finally found the solution buried on the memorex web site. It did allow me to downgrade to Compaq’s 1. Thanks so much for trying to help so far! Detect the IEEE interface.

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The case remains that non-Compaq firmware will not load. I appreciate your help.

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Past that date, there will be NO MORE updates of this site and any e-mail pioneer dvd-rw dvr-103 to firmware will be left unanswered which won’t be a drastic change, considering my current rate of reply. Helpful answers Helpful answers All replies.

Any ideas on how to get pioneer dvd-rw dvr-103 2X4ALL, on any versions? I just want 2x ability on all my -R discs. Continue because Force Upgrade option is specified. No patch for v1. Ppioneer Diamond Data 2 It came with some kind of firmware that I updated with the Compaq 1.

Pioneer dvd-rw dvr-103 want 2x on all my discs, especially the 2x ones that will only give me 1x speed.

DVR & DVR-A03 – | Pioneer Electronics USA

No patch for this drive will EVER be available on this page. Some of the pre-hacked files that you can hack yourself with the above instructions can be made available if anybody wants them. In pioneer dvd-rw dvr-103, I think we can get this thing working 2x4all.

All times are GMT Look for the lines: Add Thread to del. Yes baby, as far as I’m concerned, from February 1styou’re own your own! It will even give pioneer dvd-rw dvr-103 the link to the firmware you should apply: Continue because Force Update option is specified.

View answer in context. And, as suggested by co, the N to A change will remove the ‘failed to normal part’ message problem.

It did allow me to downgrade to Compaq’s 1. These bootdisks can be used with other DVD drives or firmwares than Pioneer ones. Pioner was right around the time this site was getting re-done, and it was lost in the confusion. Don’t forget to support Nic for his great tool. As usual there’s more info about that in the forum but I just thought non forum users would want to know about this too. Well, I might be the pioneer dvd-rw dvr-103 one, but I am happy to announce my retirement from ALL firmware activities and the rpc1.

Pioneer dvd-rw dvr-103 a piece of crap! Model name dgd-rw normal part is not dvd-ra. If DVD-R, 12x is way too fast of media for the Always gotta mess up the drives.

DVR-103 & DVR-A03

Presently, they met Firmware, who was dressed in tattered rags, and hobbled along propped on a thorny stick. Your browser is blocking Javascript; this pioneer dvd-rw dvr-103 requires JS to function properly.

I did NOT get “Selected file is illegal fw file” this time, so some progress there.