Next time, the driver remain to 3. Each time you turn your computer off, the latest driver is reloaded due to windows auto-update or if you unplug and plug again the device into USB port. It’s a tool named wushowhide. Note the COM port must have ” in use ” listed next to it, if it does then another device with that name is already installed in the system. In case you suspect a counterfeit chip inside, you may also contact Prolific to provide the vendor information. Here is the driver with the solution!! And it addresses issue of:

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This confirms you need to install correct driver file. Click on prolific usb 2.0 to com, and get the details:. This article was not helpful. However if you didn’t have a previous driver installed that worked – you’ll have to go through the process of removing any PL driver installation programs, the actual driver files, and the prolfic.

USB-RS Serial Converter Driver Download

You should now have a list showing all versions of the driver available. Or contact our worldwide distributors for other cable product reference and chip samples. Hey, but I can’t do prolific usb 2.0 to com myself!!! Main cause of this issue is because the device you own contains a counterfeit “Prolific” chip China clone.

If COM 4 is in use, you must choose another port. The software driver is properly installed, but the USB-RS adaptor does not work as expected One of the prolific usb 2.0 to com reasons that software may not work as expected with a USB-Serial adaptor when the devcie is properly installed, is many older programs and even some new ones only support a limited number of COM ports e. Taipei Headquarter 7F, No. I prefer not to block all updates.

I don’t want to send my devices to trash because they are too old less than a year! Removal proolific this tool: Yes No Sorry this didn’t help. Here is the driver with the solution!! For older cables purchased prior to October, Hi, Thank you for posting your query on Prolific usb 2.0 to com Community. Then run the installer again to install the correct driver.

I have tested it and it work fine. If you want to delete it sub use the Windows “Uninstall a Program” or “Add or Remove Program” feature – however this will also uninstall the driver itself.

USB Serial Adapter Drivers Page

Prolific’s guys are fun when they said: Each time you turn your computer off, the latest driver is reloaded due to windows auto-update or if you unplug and plug again the device into USB port. I have the same question If you recently upgraded to Win10, Windows will automatically update prolific usb 2.0 to com Prolific driver.

Adaptor may not be exactly as pictured above. If you watch the configuration panel, you will see the COM port coming OK, but then switch off because of error Of prolivic, you can try to manually update the driver at Prolific site: In reply to OmarGimenez’s post on November 22, And Windows 8, 8.

Below installer program will remove all of proliflc incompatible drivers — make a change so that Windows can never update prolific usb 2.0 to com driver without your approval — uab install the Version 3.

Counterfeit IC products show exactly the same outside chip markings but generally are of poor quality and causes Windows driver compatibility issues Yellow Mark Error Code 10 in Device Manager.

Issue will prokific may show messages like this: This work fine, but looking at the configuration panel, you will then notice that there is an error code 10 and the driver is not working properly. You should get a prompt saying that the driver prolific usb 2.0 to com installed successfully. Launch this program, it will install the driver. Sometimes, installing the latest version of drivers solve the problem, but in this case, this is the opposite.