As many people, you probably upgrade directly from W7 to W10, and sure, don’t know that this problem was already present with W8. FelixHitz replied on December 1, I have had the same prolific for the last two years running great on windows 7, now that I upgraded to windows 10 it has a code 10 error However if you didn’t have a previous driver installed that worked – you’ll have to go through the process of removing any PL driver installation programs, the actual driver files, and the information. Hi Thanks for the information it works a treat.

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Then run the installer again to install the correct driver.

This unit can be cut and use their own Connector instead of the DB-9 port. Download drivers from Prolific site.

Our drivers are “signed” by Microsoft! The “Driver Version” must say “2.

How to install Prolific USB to Serial driver on Windows 8

So no matter how many times you remove the driver files prolific usb serial adapter reboot – the next time you insert the USB-To-Serial adapter, Windows installs the newest non-working version again. Only bit driver I have ever found that works with all the “Prolific” adapters is Version 3.

Hope this information helps and let us know the status of the issue we will be glad to help you. Available forum solutions to this problem are half-baked. To solve prolific usb serial adapter intellectual infringement – original Lrolific company modified their newest drivers to render the counterfeit adapters unusable.

This seriql was not helpful. Provides a single DB-9 serial port for connecting to: Unfortunately this decision also renders all earlier adapters inoperative. Hi Thanks for the information it works a treat.

Prolific’s guys are fun when they said: And it addresses issue of: In the meantime action according this guideline was successful: For more informations and where to download this tool, take a look at this article: And since USB does not require any IRQ resource, prolific usb serial adapter devices can be attached to the system without the previous hassles of device and resource conflicts.

Uncheck the box that says “Use automatic sttings”. Counterfeit IC products show exactly the same outside chip markings prolific usb serial adapter generally are of poor quality and causes Windows driver compatibility issues Yellow Mark Error Code 10 in Device Manager.

Click on properties, and get the details: If your adapter was working prior to going to Windows Update, you can “roll back” to the previous installed driver and all will be well once again. Prolific does not sell cables with Prolific brand and packaging.

How to install Prolific USB to Serial driver on Windows 8

In summary, this article is for: Home Contact Support Knowledgebase Downloads. When prolific usb serial adapter plug the device into USB, it is well recognized by W10 and it try to prolific usb serial adapter the Prolific driver. Tell us about your experience with our site. This article was helpful. Another windows appear, and select the bottom option: Prolific advices end-users to only purchase vendor branded cable products with company name contact information for service and support.

I prefer not to block all updates.


Did this solve your problem? If not, then the correct driver is not installed. If you don’t have the old versions of drivers, you can tried to install them from the minidisc provided prolific usb serial adapter your product. Main cause of this issue is because the device you own contains a counterfeit “Prolific” chip China clone.

I don’t want to send my devices to trash because they are too old less than a year!