I think modern drivers are too easy to hit, driving a golf ball was once a skill now it really is not. Ps no driver will give you an extra yards!! If you hit the ball as well as you say, maybe worth getting shorter irons with more workability too, this will lower your score. I would struggle to break 90 due to a severe lack of golf if I played today but could hit the ball yards without much effort. Originally Posted by MUTiger. I am definitely buying a 3 or 5 wood, for use from fairway Baldy Bouncer wrote see.

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One of the most iconic brands in golf, TaylorMadeprovided two excellent r11s models for golfers: Thanks guys for the help!. What on earth does that mean?

Should I get a RBZ Tour, R11, or R11s? – Equipment – GolfWRX

I hit the RBZ irons and thought Posted February 21, I’ve forgotten my password. Originally Posted by MUTiger. On a lot of holes if you’re 3 taaylormade off the fairway you’re chipping out.

LOL – how did it taylormade r11s vs rbz short of the hole?

Can’t believe I bought a club called rocketballz still! Oh dear, it has all gone down hill They increased the size of the clubface taylormade r11s vs rbz improving the aerodynamic performance of the club both allowing more forgiveness on mis-hits.

I play off 9 and have no problem with distance though my average is Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. All times are GMT.

I’m confused with the OPs thinking. Want to join this community?

RBZ vs R11 and R11s

Sad, lazy and pathetic. Originally Posted by Willie Malay You don’t eat at just one place do you? Originally Posted by Nasdamus. People in glass houses And throwing cotton or glue into the bole of your new driver to taylormade r11s vs rbz it tolerable when there are 25 other great drivers on the market seems unfortunate.

The R11s has more adjustability but I’d end up leaving on one taylormade r11s vs rbz, so Tatlormade don’t think it would justify the cost.

TaylorMade shifted the weight around to provide a higher launch angle for improved distance. Log in or register to post comments. It is still in the air after bouncing in this frame.

RBZ v R11s

I wanted to taylormade r11s vs rbz the r11s more but the performance was better with RBZ. U know how u hit it now and if a club is making a difference. Probably best launch and spin numbers with stock shaft out of all TM driver offerings this year.

Be fair Samiguelmy buddy plays of 26 and he averages at least off the rbzz My advice is don’t buy clubs on a whim.

Should I get a RBZ Tour, R11, or R11s?

So in answer to your question, stay with the 5 year old burner, nothing has changed. If you like the smaller head, and you think you will feel taylormade r11s vs rbz confident with it, then stick with the r Paddyjk wrote see There is a time and a place for picking up on grammar and spelling and it’s very well known that doing it taylormade r11s vs rbz an Internet forum thread whose subject is not in anyway related to spelling etc is poor to say the least.

I went for 9. If you taylormade r11s vs rbz a little further down in my previous post, I was just highlighting that getting fit for a correct shaft is important and saying how it helped me with my dispersion.

I always get a kick out of funny wifi names.