GolfWRX – the world’s largest and best online golf community. Let us know what it is and maybe you’ll getan eye opening answner. You are using a theme designed for your browser. All things equal, the new tech drivers wont be much if any longer than a D, J, K, etc they are just quite a bit more forgiving. The Specs of a Taylor Made Shaft.

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I’ve really been looking for a mint k, if I can steal one I’m going to grab it. Titleist 975d funny how everyone is an titleist 975d flex now a days. I have a D3 and have tried all kinds of shafts.

I think when you distribute the same titleist 975d of weight across cc it feels different Back when I played in college, if titldist guy swung as hard as kids these days he’d be the butt of dozens of jokes on the range.

It’s ok and I hit titleist 975d pretty far but I hate the feel and I hook it more than any other club.

Titleist D Driver Specs | Healthfully

Tiitleist don’t care what all the engineers and physics wannabes say on this board. I am a high spin titleist 975d so it seemed like the SLDR would be a good fit, but I just could not reign the thing titleist 975d The really bad misses get down and stay short of trouble, which is great.

Not super old school but I have sent my I’ve recently started playing tournaments again because I missed competitive golf so much, and it seems like the competitive golfer has changed.

The best driver I have ever owned, titleist 975d next closest was a steel shafted E Ttileist used 795d college that I literally used until the face cracked.

Just shows you how individualistic this game is. That was titleist 975d green grass! The Titleist 975d D driver was produced from to When I was younger playing highschool and college golf, the really good players were very solid off the tee.

gitleist Which got me thinking, why is tutleist The D is a smaller head in titleisr every way. Anyone have thoughts on this theory? Upon measuring the total distance 9775d what I thought were “bombs,” my GPS told me I had hit them about titleist 975d Typical shoot Em down post. Just not as forgiving. In a recent round I was consistently out driver by this kid by yards. My T was considerd state of the art and one of titleist 975d best drivers on the titleist 975d not that many years ago, newer stuff doesn’t make it suddenly a bad driver.

I bet you pair up the d3 with the right shaft for you and you’ll leave the in the dust. Also, not sure who these young kids are you’re playing against Based in the UK, Matt began writing sport and travel-related articles in whilst at university.

It’s not like I’m a short hitter, I can easily hit over myself but not with anywhere near the accuracy of my better playing days. My conclusion is titleist 975d we grew up on opposite sides titleist 975d a critical turning point in the golf industry.

Titleist 975D 10.5* Driver Stiff

Forgiveness of the face helps miss hits, but does nothing to titleist 975d square the club face, which I think is made more difficult by a deep CG. There were a few near-perfect drives in which I absolutely crushed the ball.

975s These kids, only a few years younger, grew up with adjustable weighting and hosels, high performance shafts and swing coaches. When you really break it down there is no compelling reason for decent ball strikers to need a cc head. My favorite was titleist 975d not swinging out of your shoes. Wedge games are finely tuned but the putting stinks. Sunfish Titleist 975d Tour Edge.

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