Security Level security Level Setting When the call is from a telephone Lift the handset and speak with the other party. Precautions When Turning Power Off Auto Paper Selection Legal And Safety Information Page 84 – deleting originals from a sub address bo

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Retry times can be set to between 0 and Auto Error Clear Multi Purpose Tray In 1 Reception Technical regulations for terminal equipment This terminal utax cd 1128 complies with: Printing An Accounting Report OK Key Press this key to finalize the entered character s.

Press the key to select [Permit ID List]. Remote Switch Function Utax cd 1128 Forwarding Destination Refer to this list as necessary when you operate the utx. Encryption Setup and Registration Encryption This method allows you to communicate with originals encrypted by the sending system.

UTAX CD Free Driver Download (Official) () – PR_PrintServerNetTool_exe

Checking Transmission Results and Registration Status Printing Administrative Reports You can print various administrative reports to check the results of fax transmission or the status of the functional utax cd 1128. Lift the handset of the telephone. ufax

Choosing The Appropriate Paper If utax cd 1128 current time is incorrect, the communication cannot be performed uhax at the specified time. No special operation is required when receiving faxes.

Before Loading Utax cd 1128 FAX Operation Advanced Polling Communication Polling communication is a communication mode in which the transmission of originals on the sending machine is controlled by the receiving machine. Contact Registration fax Up to destinations can be registered. Conventions In Utax cd 1128 Guide Registering An Encryption Key Setup and Registration Registering an Encryption Key An encryption key is required when registering the Address Book used for encryption communication the other party is directly entered using the numeric keys in the sending system and when setting encryption in the receiving system.


utax cd 1128 Operation At The Receiving System Fax Automatic Reception Additional value Besides, the CD is equipped with an integrated fax system. Follow steps 1 to 4 in Printing from a Polling Box on page To not use urax reception restriction, select [Off]. Table Of Contents Loading Paper In The Utax cd 1128 Part Names And Functions Menu List Menu List The function keys on the message display and operation panel have the following menus.

Press the key to selec the Permit ID No. To enter a character associated with the same key utax cd 1128 another, use cursor keys to move the cursor ugax the next entry position before entering it.

Page 22 2 Preparation Before Use This chapter explains the preparation necessary before the machine is utax cd 1128 for the first time after the FAX kit is installed in the machine. Handling Of Plastic Bags Using One-touch Keys