This video will demonstrate how to clear the paper path on a ColorQube Series with step-by-step instructions. This video will demonstrate how to copy a document to several images on a page on a ColorQube Series. For more information about the benefits and features of the Xerox Global Print Driver please go to: Were You Looking For? This video will demonstrate how to scan an original with different sizes of paper to file on a ColorQube Series. This video will demonstrate how to scan to file on a ColorQube Series. Read the Security Bulletin and visit the Remote Services support page for more information.

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This release consists of the Xerox ColorQube x v5.

Because solid ink is transferred from the print drum to the xerox colorqube 9201 in xeroz precise state, the ink does not spread into the paper. How to Print a Secure Print. Two sheet trays hold paper sizes up to xerox colorqube 9201 in. For more information collrqube the benefits and features of Print Advisor, please go to: The free Xerox Global Print Driver manages Xerox and non-Xerox printers on your network with a single, easy-to-use interface.

Plus, two-sided output is standard on all ColorQube series models.

ColorQube 9201/9202/9203

This xerox colorqube 9201 will demonstrate how to scan different pages with different requirements into a single job on a ColorQube Series. Now you can afford to print colour in every document every day.

PagePack is an all-inclusive service agreement that combines class-leading service with all your Xerox supplies in one simple contract includes all consumablesexcluding print media hardware support and maintenance access to the Customer Welcome Centre for technical support cost-per-page is the same regardless of coverage request consumables using our online tool when you need them For more information and pricing: Please re-select your Operating System and Language xerox colorqube 9201 after you are re-directed to the Global Print Driver web page.

Quick Picks All 15 Displays the items matching xerox colorqube 9201 following selected values: Step-by-step directions are provided to help you to navigate the tabs to scan a document to file on your computer.

This driver is supported in Citrix and Terminal Server Environments. Xerox Global Print Driver. Which version of firmware do you need?

Xerox ColorQube // Specifications

This video will demonstrate how to scan to file on xerox colorqube 9201 ColorQube Series. Expressive Colour – Pages with high colour coverage such as typical photos, brochures, newsletters and marketing materials are billed at the current market rate for colour.

You benefit from predictable invoicingallowing you to accurately budget your print costs. This video demonstrates how to select xerox colorqube 9201 staple and hole punch options from the print driver with step-by-step instructions on xerox colorqube 9201 ColorQube Series. It also provides administrators with insights on saving money and optimizing their printing environment.

Sep 13, Version: Black Plus Useful Colour – Black-only pages and pages with low colour coverage such as typical emails, memos and Microsoft Word documents are billed at the black-only rate.

Long-term print capacities and a single, long-life cleaning unit mean fewer interventions to load supplies. A Bold and Innovative Play.

With CentreWare Web colorqubd Internet Services, IT administrators can install, manage and virtually access any device xerox colorqube 9201 the network with ease, regardless of manufacturer.

This video will demonstrate how to use the Secure Print feature from the printer driver to send confidential documents to the ColorQube Series, and then how to release the print job at the printer using colprqube xerox colorqube 9201 password. Save paper, ink, money and trees with software that automatically highlights and removes unwanted pages prior to printing.

Refill Staple Cartridge – Box of 3 Compatible with Xerox ColorQube (D)

Network installation system coolrqube upgrade version Jun 18, Version: Step-by-step directions are provided to help you to navigate to the Layout Adjustment tab to xerox colorqube 9201 from a bound book. To order consumables included in your contract please use the Consumables Ordering tool. System Xerox colorqube 9201 version ColorQube series pricing plans completely change this pricing paradigm by only charging you for the actual colour you print. In the business world, nothing’s really black and white.

The ColorQube series offers a variety of billing plans to make the price of colour affordable for offices everywhere.